43 actionable stats to move your marketing forward

Our award-winning, annual Digital Marketer Report has a lot of great information to help you intelligently interact with customers across channels and it can be a lot to digest. In a series of posts (here, here and here), we’ve shared more than 40 facts and figures to give you a taste of the benchmarks and trends you’ll find in the full report.

Today, marketers need to deliver intelligent and authentic interactions with their customers wherever and whenever they interact with the brand. When executing a cross-channel strategy, marketers must select channels based on the habits and preferences of their target customers, as well as which are best at delivering the message tied to each stage of the customer’s journey.

Check out (and share!) these final facts in the series:

  • 69% of online adults say that they use their phone or computer at least somewhat often while watching television. TWEET THIS!
  • Welcome emails triggered in real time versus a batched method receive 10 times the transaction rates and revenue per email. TWEET THIS!
  • Thank-you emails have delivered as high as 8 times revenue per email compared to regular promotional emails. TWEET THIS!
  • Brands with mobile sites have reached 71%, up 10% YoY. In addition, brands are 31% more likely to have a mobile site than a mobile app. TWEET THIS!
  • When looking at the retail top 100, 64% of website traffic comes from mobile devices. TWEET THIS!
  • Though mobile ads have twice the click-through rate of desktop ads, their average interaction time spent is about one-tenth of desktop. TWEET THIS!
  • 22% of the marketers in our global study use closed-loop single-campaign measurement and 17% don’t track attribution at all. TWEET THIS!

Take a look at all 43 stats:

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