Data linkage named top cross-channel marketing challenge

There’s a lot of talk about cross-channel marketing these days. It’s the most effective way to create intelligent customer-centric interactions that attract customers and turn them into brand loyalists. The reality, however, is that most companies aren’t there yet. Nine out of 10 marketers who have taken our Marketing Sophistication Curve assessment struggle to move beyond single-channel programs.

In The 2015 Digital Marketer, our award-winning, annual benchmark and trend report, we aim to learn why this is the case. We explore the top cross-channel marketing challenges — lack of a single customer view is the leading barrier — and what marketers can do to increase their level of marketing sophistication — important for all to understand, but especially for the one-quarter of marketers who said one of their top barriers was being unsure of what to do next.

Check out the stats and highlights below and be sure to download the full report.

  • 90% of marketers who have taken the Marketing Sophistication Curve assessment are struggling to move beyond single-channel programs. TWEET THIS!
  • As few as 4% of brands perform integrated cross-channel marketing, 67% report having siloed marketing activities. TWEET THIS!
  • The biggest barriers to cross-channel marketing: linkage (no single customer view), company tech, and organizational silos. TWEET THIS!
  • 89% of marketers report having challenges creating a single customer view. Why? Top reasons include poor data quality (43%), siloed departments (39%) and inability to link different technologies (37%). TWEET THIS!
  • Fully integrated marketing teams have risen from 28% to 35% this year, but siloed teams are also up from 27% to 33%. TWEET THIS!
  • Despite 65% of all marketers working in siloed teams, only 23% of leaders named organizational structure as a top challenge. TWEET THIS!
  • 31% of senior marketing leaders named marketing automation as a top challenge. 36% have made it a top priority for 2015. TWEET THIS!
  • 25% of Digital Marketer survey respondents stated that one of their top barriers to cross-channel marketing is “no clear roadmap — unsure of what to do next.” TWEET THIS!

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