#GIRLBOSS Sophia Amoruso tells her story at #EMSSUMMIT


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#GIRLBOSS at #EMSSUMMIT (2)“A #GIRLBOSS is someone who takes charge of her own life … someone who knows their weaknesses and knows what their strengths are, and knows how to play to their strengths.” Those were Sophia Amoruso’s words during a main stage chat last month at the Experian Marketing Services Client Summit in Las Vegas. Anyone who’s read the New York Times Bestseller #GIRLBOSS knows that Sophia has had quite a journey from highly rebellious teen to the CEO of Nasty Gal, a $100m company and one of the top online fashion companies in the world. In the book and on the stage, Sophia talks about both finding her path and how she built her company from an eBay store featuring $9.99 auctions to a powerful eCommerce site that’s about to expand into brick and mortar stores.


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Sophia spoke to the 1,000 Summit attendees about how it’s important for retailers to both “create a feeling” and “tell a story” online – how giving context to a product boosts sales and how many retailers are missing that rather obvious opportunity. For example, Nasty Gal creates a mini story for each of the outfits it sells – and the models who wear them – all with the goal of engaging the shopper by making her feel like she could be part of the story. It’s a fascinating approach that retail marketers can learn from. You can watch Experian Marketing Services’ GM Peter DeNunzio’s interview of Sophia here.