Zappos, GameStop and Comedy Central discuss the power of data at #EMSSUMMIT

Some of the most inspiring moments at the 2014 Experian Marketing Services Client Summit in Las Vegas last month came during main stage presentations given by Zappos, GameStop and Comedy Central. These well-known, iconic brands, know how to harness the power of data to deeply understand their customers, then use that knowledge to successfully engage them. The companies’ top marketers let the audience of 1,000+ in on their secrets during their main stage presentations, starting with Lisa Archambault, Head of Demand Generation Marketing at Zappos. Lisa talked about her team’s use of data and high-powered analytics to understand the attributes of their customers, identify trends and, ultimately, develop demand generation programs that increase campaign lift.


Brad Nash, Marketing Director, Email and Life Cycle Marketing at GameStop gave an inside look into the company’s Power Up Rewards program. GameStop has invested the majority of its marketing dollars in this loyalty program over the last few years, growing it to 27 million members. Brad discussed how that marketing strategy has enabled GameStop to understand and target their most engaged customers with very specific and effective offers, leading to strong growth and the ability to open additional brick and mortar stores – which are where the vast majority of their transactions take place (vs. online even through their customers are highly connected).


Finally, Don Steele, SVP Fan Engagement and Multi-Platform Marketing at Comedy Central discussed how they use “content experiences” across their website, apps, TV, events and tours, etc., to market their various platforms and get their customers to help tell their story. Comedy Central also digs deep into their customer data to learn new things about their fans and customers. For example, they recently found a new target group of women that were previously undiscovered but had tuned in for Comedy Central’s Roast of James Franco (who they loved from his General Hospital appearances).


Watch the main stage presentations to learn more and hear the case studies presented by these savvy marketers.