The Omni-channel Consumer Bill of Rights

Driven by a flood of information, the rise of social media and an explosion of connected mobile devices that provide consumers with access to the information they need when and where they want it, the consumer has taken the upper hand in the marketer/consumer relationship and there’s no turning back. In the process, the always-on consumer has replaced the sales channel at the core of the relationship and decides for herself when, where and how she will interact with a brand. This is the new omni-channel consumer reality and successful marketers will embrace the challenge of engaging their customers across channels with interactions, content and experiences that put the customer at the center of their brand.

In order to truly thrive in this new era, marketers not only need to deliver on the demands of the omni-channel consumer, they need to reorient their mindset to see these demands as the core of a larger set of consumer rights. In the recent report Meeting Omni-channel Consumer Demands, Experian Marketing Services identified five key demands of the omni-channel consumer that marketers must meet. Together, these demands make up the Omni-Channel Consumer Bill of Rights.

Marketers slow to recognize the paradigm shift will not be ready to meet the demands of the omni-channel consumer and may face disappointed customers who won’t come back. Marketers that honor the rights of the omni-channel consumer will be rewarded you with more business, loyalty and advocacy for their brand.

The Omni-channel Consumer Bill of Rights

Bill of rights

Marketers who commit these rights to heart and keep them top of mind are well-positioned to successfully reorient to the omni-channel consumer and to get on with the task of creating cross-channel interactions that matter.

To learn more about successfully marketing to today’s omni-channel consumer, download the full report for free: Meeting Omni-channel Consumer Demands: High definition customer profiles drive smarter interactions.