School’s (almost) out for summer! Time to plan back-to-school marketing campaigns

Back-to-school is one of the biggest times of year for retailers after the lucrative fall/winter holiday season. The Experian Marketing Services’ team has taken a look at what worked for marketers last back-to-school season and developed some recommendations for this year. First, here are a few results from last year that marketers can take into consideration as they plan this year’s strategies:

  • August is the top month for email campaigns, but emails promoting ‘school supplies’ sent in July outperformed
  • Personalized emails had a 44% lift in unique open rates
  • Emails with “kids” in the subject line had a 31% lift in revenue
  • Back-to-school searches around “school supplies” peaked during the first two weeks of July
  • Searches for “laptops” and “tablets” peaked in mid-August
  • Pinterest became a great place to promote clothes, hairstyles, dorm décor and more

If the back-to-school season is important to your brand, we invite you to watch a recording of our recent webinar which features many more insights on trends and the best ways to create A+ campaigns.

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