The 2014 Digital Marketer Report – advice on how to become a cross-channel marketing mastermind

The sixth annual Digital Marketer Report came out last month and once again it’s stuffed with data, benchmarks, trends and recommendations that marketers can use to enhance their campaigns in 2014. In prepping for the report, we analyzed our own data and also conducted a global survey of marketers, learning many interesting things along the way, including:

  • Half of those surveyed plan to integrate four-plus channels in their 2014 campaigns [Tweet stat!]
  • Marketers have a problem with big data – respondents believe that 22% of their data is wrong, up 5% since last year [Tweet stat!]
  • Pinterest is now driving 10% of visits to retailer sites, with Amazon and Target leading the way [Tweet stat!]
  • The use of Pinterest links in marketing emails jumped from 35% in 2012 to 65% in 2013 [Tweet stat!]

Experian Marketing Services’ Head of Global Research, Bill Tancer, was interviewed on WSJ Live recently regarding a number of findings included in the report, particularly around social media marketing. You can view his segment below and also download the full 2014 Digital Marketer Report here. There’s a lot of information in the report and we think it’s a good reference guide for marketers to keep on hand as they go about planning campaigns across myriad channels including email, mobile, social, display and search in 2014.

Watch the WSJ Live segment: