Top 5 tips for email remarketing

Email remarketing is the practice of sending targeted emails to Website visitors based on their unique site behavior. It involves the use of behavioral data to target extremely relevant and timely email communications. The most common remarketing campaigns are abandoned shopping cart or form and site browse.

Below are our top 5 quick tips to consider for your remarketing campaigns:

  • Think outside the cart! If you have any process on your Website, such as a page with a form on it, that people abandon, you can send a remarketing email to follow up on that activity. For example, if I click through to an airline site and start filling out information about a flight and then leave, I can (and should) get a reminder email. Or if I get an offer from a credit card company to upgrade a credit card, and I click through to the page, begin filling out information and then leave, I also can (and should) get a reminder to finish that process. One of my favorite remarketing email examples is from a client that sends a quick link to users who have visited the “find a location” section of their site, inviting them to download the company’s app, which contains location based store information. In a time when people are on the go with their phones, this is a great way to follow up on a very specific action a user has taken. Remember, a user doesn’t need to cart an item to get these types of emails!
  • Think about timing.  Recent studies have shown that the sooner you send an email in response to abandonment the better. And with newer technology from companies like Adobe and SeeWhy, it’s easy to test out real-time emails, meaning an abandoned cart email can be sent within minutes of abandon. For companies that have flash sales or items that quickly sell out, this is a big win. Even those that don’t should remember that this is the age of comparison shopping, so your customers are likely shopping around for similar items. You want to hit them up first to remind them of the activity they started and sell them on your value proposition before they go elsewhere.
  • Think about a series. One abandon cart email is great, but we’ve found that adding a second abandoned cart reminder email increases revenue by 54 percent. If you’re not sending a second email, you’re leaving money on the table.
  • Think about visuals.  Studies also show that actually displaying the items that have been browsed or abandoned garner better results. Make it easy on your customers. Show them what they’re missing and make it easy for them to click through to their cart or the product(s) you’re showing them.
  • Think about giving thanks. Thank you emails have been shown to bring in a 14x lift in transaction rates over regular promotional emails. Even if you’ve sent an Order/Ship confirmation email or a review email, it’s still important to send another email thanking your customer for their order, business or interest.

To see examples of the emails I’ve listed above and to get more great facts and tips, download our remarketing best practices guide.