#7for14 – Digital marketing trends to consider

Over the recent holiday season, Experian Marketing Services’ leaders put some thought into what marketers should be focusing on in 2014. A number of areas stood out, including the fact that these days, customers should drive an organization’s branding and demand generation strategies – not the other way around. Truthfully, the fact that today’s hyperconnected consumer decides when, where and how they will interact with their favorite brands isn’t news to leading companies. Those organizations have already put their customers at the center of all they do and are – and will continue – winning against their competition. Read more key predictions in #7for14: Seven ways digital marketing will change in 2014, including:

  • CMOs will become technologists who understand and fully embrace the power of analytics and platforms
  • Marketers will recognize that high quality, linked data is an imperative and marshal resources from other departments to help get it
  • Companies will find ways to make big data small by extracting deep insights into their customers’ behaviors
  • The customer experience will become consistent, optimized and, most importantly, personalized across all channels

The 2014 Digital Marketer Report, which contains myriad insights into how to become a cross-channel marketing superstar is also releasing soon. You can pre-order the annual Experian Marketing Services’ benchmark and trend report here.

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