Gmail unsubscribe tool: Good news for customers and email marketers

Last week Google announced the release of a new feature that will enable recipients of promotional email to more easily unsubscribe from mailing lists. Essentially, when a bulk sender adds a list unsubscribe header in its messages, an unsubscribe link will be displayed at the top of the email in the header section.

This change is important for all marketers as it will assist both senders and customers in the long run.

From the customer standpoint, it will potentially make the unsubscribe link easier to find and will reduce frustration when customers no longer wish to continue to receive messages from a particular brand. Additionally from the marketer’s standpoint, this change could reduce the number of messages that are marked as SPAM, which have an overall negative impact on a senders’ reputation; while unsubscribes do not.

Some marketers might be concerned that making the unsubscribe option more prominent and easier to find by the customers will increase overall unsubscribe rates and diminish a brand’s overall list size. In response to this concern, remember that it’s always a deliverability best practice to send email messages only send to those users that wish to receive them. By allowing customers to remove themselves more easily you are reducing possible SPAM complaints, unengaged users and increasing the overall ROI of your digital marketing dollars.