Use social gaming sites to engage young trendsetters

It’s no secret that smart segmentation leads to greater Web marketing success. One of the areas we cover in our soon-to-be-released 2014 Digital Marketer Report is the rapid growth of social gaming sites. Below is an excerpt from the report that explains why marketers should be paying attention to this opportunity.

Social gaming sites dominate the list of fastest growing social networking and forums. In fact, six of the 10 fastest growing social sites in the past year are dedicated to providing forums and networks for gamers to connect with one another. Social gaming sites provide marketers with a great opportunity to connect with gamers who tend to be young, trendsetters and heavy users of new technology. Upworthy, the viral video site launched by a former executive of MoveOn in 2012, is the fastest growing non–gaming-related social site, which increased its visit share within the category in the last year by more than a factor of 12. In November 2013, 66 percent of the upstream traffic to Upworthy came from Facebook, pointing to the interconnectedness of social sites and the importance of creating shareable content.


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