How to engage viewers of the Winter Olympics

#SochiProblems aside, there has been a lot of buzz on the road to Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics but it is finally upon us with the opening ceremonies kicking things off last week. The Olympics are an incredibly valuable event for connecting with consumers. Fans are heavily engaged in not only viewing the competitions themselves but seeking real-time information through phones, tablets and computers during these events. We decided to dig deeper into insights on how Winter Olympics viewers* engage with various platforms for content. Keeping track of platform use and adjusting content for your consumers ensures that you will maximize your interaction with consumers and your brand’s reach.

Winter Olympics viewers spend more time with their television than any other device – nearly 80 percent spend 20+ hours in an average week. They are often multi-tasking while watching television, offering additional opportunities for brands and content marketers to reach this audience. They are more likely than the average adult to be using their computer and mobile phones while watching television.

Not only are they devoted to television, Winter Olympics viewers are excellent candidates for branded messaging television commercials or programs, more than half (56 percent) notice or are engaged with product placements in the context of television shows. Twelve percent are highly engaged; they see and act promptly regarding branding they have seen in a show. Forty-four percent of Winter Olympics viewers notice product placements but may not purchase or act immediately, keeping them susceptible to branding and long term messages. The Olympics is a great environment for advertisers to prove successful in awareness efforts knowing that the audience is receptive to brand placements.

  • 9 percent more likely to buy from companies that sponsor sporting events
  • 13 percent more likely to be brand loyal
  • 43 percent less likely to buy products that celebrities use
  • 18 percent more likely to buy products made by their own country

Mobile profile

Winter Olympic Viewers are also more likely to own a smartphone, especially iPhones, and use apps and visit mobile Websites at high rates. As we mentioned, Winter Olympic Viewers are more likely to engage in activities on their mobile phone while watching television and they are likely to use their phone to seek out additional news and sports information.

For content marketers, short attention span storytelling such as videos, photos and GIFs will likely take center stage during this years’ games. The best time to reach Olympic viewers taking part in social media via their smartphone is between 7-9pm. The best time to reach those engaging in video activities on their smartphone is between 8-9pm.

Tips to take home marketing gold:

  1. Sponsor the event … not the athletes.
  2. Product placement is key. Ensure that your brands are well represented at Olympic events — on athletes, used by athletes.
  3. Television viewers will be multi-tasking, so create integrated content programs that enhance the Olympics on social media as well as through online content.
  4. Drive social media activities during broadcast hours but consider video programs that run up to prime-time or late night television hours.

Get more cross-channel insight on what you need to know about your consumer to deliver better brand experiences.

*Winter Olympics Viewers are defined as adults who plan to watch the Winter Olympics the next time shown. Source: Experian Marketing Services Spring 2013 Simmons Connect

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