How are companies sharpening their email marketing tactics?

As modern technology keeps advancing, companies continue to find new ways of connecting with customers. They’re using web chats, mobile applications and social media plugins to communicate with people in new ways. As this happens, marketers uncover more information about those customers.

However, there are some tried-and-true methods of communication that are still very popular today. Many businesses rely on email for the lion’s share of their marketing strategies. Sending email campaigns to consumers is fast, affordable and effective. But how can marketers personalize emails to make them relevant to readers? Through accurate data collection and data enhancement.

Create a single customer view
With many customization efforts, companies frequently feel that they do not have enough information on consumers to create compelling offers. The problem is that siloed departments and multiple data sources create disparate customer records that segment information. To better understand the consumer, companies need to consolidate records into one central source. This allows marketers to view purchase information and other details collected across channels.

Gain preference information
Preference information is frequently thought of as indicated communication channels. While that is important, organizations can create preference centers that ask for many other details as well. Intelligence can be gained around the content consumers wish to receive or how often they want to be contacted. Gaining that type of information can be very valuable and help increase consumer engagement.

Append missing details
With the pressures of time and digital channels, organizations frequently are unable to collect enough information about the consumer. In those instances, marketers can look to third parties for data enhancement. Ninety-four percent of companies append information to customer contact data, such as demographic, geolocation or preference data.

Through better data management practices and enhancement efforts, marketers can gain a better picture of consumers to improve email communication efforts. Check-out our infographic on building a single customer view for more information.

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