Experian Marketing Services featured in research firm’s Customer Life Cycle marketing report

Experian Marketing Services’ cross-channel marketing platform cited in a new report from Forrester Research for “a clear vision and strong commitment toward data-driven, customer first marketing…”

Experian Marketing Services is among one of the vendors profiled in a December, 2013 report, The Rise of the Customer Life-Cycle Marketing Systems. The report describes the critical role of technology in marketing execution today and how Customer Life Cycle marketing systems integrate marketing operations and “help marketers deliver a more coherent story to discrete groups of customers.”

Forrester states that Experian Marketing Services’ has built upon its sophisticated data foundation to support a more diverse marketing technology [suite]. In reference to Experian Marketing Services’ cross-channel marketing platform, the report states, “[Experian Marketing Services’] Marketing Sophistication Curve and internal performance metrics around customer utility reveal a clear vision and strong commitment toward data-driven, customer-first marketing…”

“Experian Marketing Services’ history, vision and product strategy have always been underpinned by data,” said Jeff Hassemer, senior vice president, global product management, Experian Marketing Services. “Our focus on data, as well as cross-channel marketing, provides us with a unique advantage to ensure our clients make intelligent interactions with their customers, each and every time. We believe that Forrester’s recent report recognizes the greater role data will play, and those platforms that enable marketers to leverage vast amounts of customer data effectively, at speed, will be the most equipped to interact and respond to the modern consumer.”

The December 2013 Forrester report by analyst Cory Munchbach, with David M. Cooperstein and Alexandra Hayes, is available now for download on Forrester’s Website.

You can learn more about Experian Marketing Services cross-channel marketing platform on our website.  Marketers can also test their own cross-channel sophistication with our Marketing Sophistication Curve.