Weekend mailings lead to higher opens, transactions and revenue

One question we get asked each holiday season is whether or not it is worthwhile to send email on weekends. Our analysis of promotional mailings for the first eight weeks of this holiday season indicates that weekend emails have been major contributors to holiday email programs. Across all industries, only 66 percent of brands sent promotional mailings on weekends. This percentage varied by industry, with a low of 17 percent for business products and services and a high of 100 percent for catalogers.

Whether people have more time to shop on the weekends, or because there were fewer brands mailing and less inbox clutter on the weekends, we saw an 8 percent increase in unique open rates for weekend mailings (16.3 percent for weekends compared to 15 percent for weekdays). In addition to higher open rates, weekend mailings enjoyed higher transaction rates and revenue per email.

If you are not now sending promotional mailings on the weekend, consider testing them to see if your brand can benefit from this easy addition to your holiday program. For more holiday data, including information not released on our blog, download the Holiday Hot Sheets.