Experian QAS evolves to Experian Data Quality

Marketers everywhere are relying more heavily on data as they look to gain insight and deliver more intelligent interactions, every time. As we have said previously, marketers used to rely on intuition and market feedback for segmentation and messaging decisions.

Today’s marketers still rely on those same core strategies, but today they augment those techniques with data-driven technology and analytics. Those new data insights have led to some revolutionary developments in the marketing industry. These have included marketing automation, sophisticated segmentation, customized content and more.

But data-driven changes aren’t just happening in marketing, they’re happening across many departments. These new demands on data for intelligence are driving the big data revolution you keep hearing about in the news.

Reliance on data means that data quality is playing a more important role in businesses. A strong data quality foundation underpins all marketing efforts around consumer insight and client communications. Without accurate information, businesses are left unable to make intelligent decisions.

That increasing market reliance on data quality is why today, Experian QAS has transformed to Experian Data Quality. This change isn’t just in name, it exemplifies our goal of building on our contact data quality foundation and expanding our product suite to better fit the needs of our clients and the market in general.

Over the next few years, our company will build on our world-class validation, matching, enrichment and profiling capabilities. These tools will help our clients better interact with their customers and gain intelligence from valuable data insight.

As part of that expansion, today we announced updates to our QAS Email product, helping clients improve their sender reputation and deliverability across email marketing and operational programs.

We’ll keep you posted as we continue to innovate and help companies maintain quality data.