Drive 10X higher email performance with these 6 extreme personalization tips

One of the best things about my job as Chief Marketing Officer of MyBuys is that I get access to analysis that spans nearly a petabyte of consumer behavioral data across more than 1,000 commerce sites and billions of emails per year. We use this big data to understand which tactics are really working, right now, in cross-channel, customer-centric marketing. I’m pleased to share some of our key findings that will help you improve your email performance this holiday season and on into 2014.

Segments of one

The biggest aha that the data tells us is how important it is to treat every single consumer as a unique individual – quite literally a segment of one.

When you craft a unique and completely personalized message for each and every individual that you communicate with, the data says that these messages perform literally 10 times better, in terms of revenue generated per message, than traditional segmented, batch and blast emails.

By unique I don’t mean just the salutation – I mean the subject, the content, the offer, the time of day you send, the device you format the message for, and even the decision of whether to send or not to send. The data is crystal clear on this – the more personalized a message is, the better it performs.

New products of interest

Here is the fastest way to drive 1.5% to 3% higher sales this holiday season: twice a week, scan your product catalog looking for new items, price changes, new offers or promotions. Then look at each one of your customers, in turn, and based on their past and current purchasing behavior, decide whether one of those catalog changes is likely to be interesting to them. If yes, send them a personalized email letting them know. On average, you will end up sending one of these “new products of interest” emails to 15% to 20% of your consumers each week. Our data says that these emails convert at two to three times your normal rates, and will drive your total revenue up to 3% higher. In many ways, sending these emails is like printing money.

New products of interest email example

Identify anonymous visitors

Most of you will by now have deployed cart abandonment email programs, but what percentage of your cart abandoners can you actually target via email? Our data says that most sites identify less than 10% of their visitors, but if you don’t know who your visitors are, how can you bring them back to complete their purchases with email? Our data shows that you can expect to see up to four times higher revenue from your cart abandonment programs by focusing on anonymous user identification – the more visitors you can identify, the more you can re-target with email, and the more business you will drive.

Don’t forget site abandonment

While many marketers have implemented cart abandonment, less than 10% have implemented site abandonment. Let’s be clear, you should do cart abandonment first – it’s easy to do and has the strongest buying signal – but, on average, you are likely to have 16 times more site abandoners than cart abandoners. So while the purchasing signal isn’t as strong, our data shows that deploying site abandonment programs alongside cart abandonment delivers four times higher total revenue.

Personalized confirmation email example

Personalize your confirmations

Make sure you include complementary products for cross-sell and upsell with all of your post-transaction emails – order confirmations, shipping confirmations, etc. These types of emails have the highest open rates of anything you send – so don’t waste them! If you do this, our data shows you’ll have up to 9 times higher conversion than non-targeted emails, and you’ll typically drive 0.25% higher revenue for your business.

Personalize your segmented campaigns

None of this should discourage you from continuing to send your traditional segmented campaigns – the customer-centric email tactics I’ve been describing above simply augment what you are already doing. But to squeeze out even more revenue, you should also include sections with personalized content, products and offers in all of your newsletters, promotional offers, holiday specials and other batch email marketing programs. Our data shows that by doing this, you will dramatically increase click through and conversion, and decrease unsubscribes across all of your email campaigns, with the end result being an average of 1.5-3.0% higher sales.

Personalized, segmented campaign email example

I hope this gives you some ideas about concrete steps that you can take to turbo-charge your email campaigns for this holiday season and some food for thought as you are planning your strategy for 2014. We at MyBuys would be more than happy to help – we’re very proud of our partnership with Experian Marketing Services and we’ve helped hundreds of leading firms like yours drive higher performance and increased sales through customer-centric marketing.


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