Email Marketers: If you haven’t heard of LIGA, you will soon

LIGA is a term that was coined by one of our forward-looking email marketers. It stands for “Locally Inactive, Globally Active” and refers to a customer whose email address may look inactive when examining click and open rates, but is actually active in other channels and may be interacting with your brand beyond the traditional email metrics.

Identifying and targeting LIGA customers through a consortium like Experian Marketing Services’ Email Insights can help marketers achieve impressive results with reengagement campaigns. Typically 1-2%, reengagement rates in LIGA campaigns have reached 5%. There are three main reasons for this success:

  1. Data: Frankly, this sort of data-driven strategy has never existed before. In the past, marketers have had to rely on their gut to decide when was the right time to email inactive addresses or remove them from the email lists. By identifying LIGA customers, marketers no longer have to guess which addresses to remove and have a much higher chance of connecting with someone who truly is a customer.
  2. The Economy: The past few years have brought major economic swings, and with them have come major swings in consumer behavior. Customers are now very likely to move in and out of market in a given time span, meaning that those who may be inactive now may not be so hard to convince to come back.
  3. Smartphones: We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again—smartphones and mobile technology are rapidly changing the entire marketing world. In this case, consumers are encouraged to connect all of their online identities (Twitter, Facebook and, yes, even secondary or tertiary email addresses) to their phone to have at a moment’s notice. This is inspiring customers to revive old email addresses. And the little red notification button that pops up when you have an unread email? That’s helping too. Not only are customers reconnecting with old, previously inactive accounts, but they are starting to check them regularly again.

The combination of these three factors means that now is a great time to identify your LIGAs and regain their business. Email marketers who have recognized and taken advantage of this new approach have already seen increases in reengagement rates.

Find out more about how to identify your LIGAs and increase reengagement.


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