Holiday hot sheet: email volume, Black Friday, discretionary spend

In 2013, Americans will spend $15,249 per household on discretionary products and services, up from the total of $13,468 per household spent last year.

Hot this week:

  • The first week of the holiday season started with a 12 percent year-over-year increase in volume.
  • Black Friday searches are already on the rise, up 23 percent this week compared to last.
  • ‘Christmas’ has already appeared in subject lines.
  • We saw a 46 percent year-over-year increase in the use of coupons in subject lines the first week of this holiday season.
  • Percent-off was seen in 28 percent of subject lines with offers this week compared to 24.7 percent in the same week in 2012.

Email volume:

The holiday season started with a 12 percent year-over-year increase in volume. The largest increases were seen by Catalogers and Publishers.

Email Volume Variance

Consumer insights:

Visible signs of the arrival of Fall are just beginning to show including online searches for Black Friday. In fact, searches on the term “Black Friday” increased 23 percent this past week compared to the week prior and 52 percent compared with two weeks ago.

Variations of Black Friday share of search clicks to all industries

Bring on the cheer:

Experian Marketing Services’ Discretionary Spend Estimates and Consumer Expectations Index point to a rosy holiday season ahead:

  • In 2013, Americans will spend $1.8 trillion on discretionary products and services or $15,249 per household, up from the total of $1.6 trillion or $13,468 per household spent last year.
  • The typical household will have an additional $1,782 to spend this year compared to 2012 on non-essentials.
  • Dining out, apparel, donations and household furnishings combined account for over half of the average household’s annual discretionary spending.
  • On average, American households spend $1,044 annually on electronic gadgets, a key holiday spending category Consumer expectations among online shoppers heading into the shopping season are 2 percent higher this year compared with 2012 and 6 percent higher than we observed in 2011.


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