40% of “inactive” email addresses may belong to loyal customers

A good email marketer knows that reaching the right audience takes more effort than simply sending an email. What is the best time of day?  What is the best device format?  How do you reach the maximum amount of customers without damaging your sender reputation?

These questions are made even more difficult to answer when we consider the omnichannel environment of the consumer.  A customer’s path to purchase is no longer a simple, linear route. Instead, customers interact with brands through email, social media, websites, in-store promotions, print and television ads—and that’s just the beginning.

Email marketers need to take note of this trend. The metrics used to measure the efficacy of email campaigns do not necessarily mirror the full consumer environment. For example, a customer who receives email promotions and doesn’t open them may not be inactive at all. Seeing the subject line in her inbox may prompt her to engage with the brand and eventually make a purchase through another channel. If marketers only look at unique opens and click through rates, they may not realize they’ve prompted a sale through another channel.

It’s critical that marketers are connecting consumer profiles. If your loyalty database is separate from your email list, which may be separate from your in-store sales, you don’t really know your customers and can be missing opportunities for upsell and cross-sell.

We’ve posted a lot about the importance of maintaining accurate and clean email lists, and that is absolutely still true. However, we’ve also determined that up to 40% of locally inactive email addresses may belong to customers who are globally active and may be interacting with the brand in other channels.

Identifying active customer emails within your inactive email file is the first step in creating more effective reengagement campaigns and reaching the right customers. Once these loyal customers are identified, email marketers can make better decisions about how to target them with more relevant content.

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