Email list hygiene challenges marketers looking to engage with subscribers

While delivering an email seems like a simple task, all marketers know that nothing is ever as easy as it looks. We like to think that our subscribers are eagerly awaiting our messages with baited breath, ready to jump with excitement when they see our carefully crafted subject lines and cool graphics.

Alas, this is not the case. Not only do a fair number delete the email upon arrival, a large number of subscribers may not even receive our messages.

On average, 2% of contact data goes bad each month. That means a quarter of your email list will go bad over the course of a year. In addition, many email addresses are entered poorly across various channels, making it impossible to reach consumers who want to receive our messages.

What’s worse is that many marketers are not aware of this deterioration and go on blindly adding poor emails that bounce immediately or turn into spamtraps once a user stops engaging.

This bad data hurts sender reputation, which is how an ISP determines if an email is spam or worthy to reach a user’s inbox. If that sender reputation diminishes, not only are the subscribers with bad emails not receiving messages, but engaged subscribers may also stop receiving messages. Carefully crafted materials may be relegated to the spam folder, or worse, never delivered.

To reach email subscribers, marketers need to maintain an accurate email database. Without accurate data, all the work you put into subject lines, messaging, graphics and segmentation falls to the wayside.


Marketers need to maintain an accurate and healthy email list, free of bad emails, spamtraps and malicious addresses. This check for email address accuracy should take place before a campaign is sent to ensure messages reach consumers.

By maintaining a healthy email list, marketers are better able to reach subscribers and see a high ROI from campaign efforts.

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