Change-of-email notifications essential for Yahoo users in China

International email marketers take note: your clients may soon be changing their email addresses. Yahoo has decided to shut down its free email service for the domains ‘yahoo.com.cn’ and ‘yahoo.cn’. The company will encourage customers to migrate to AliCloud (aliyun.com—‘yun’ is ‘cloud’ in Mandarin pinyin), leaving only Yahoo’s web portal operating in China after the August 19th cut-off date.

Marketers with Chinese subscribers should make sure not to lose their subscribers when they switch to new addresses.

Yahoo currently has only a 2% market penetration in China, according to Experian Marketing Services’ Hitwise. Even so, marketers should encourage Yahoo China subscribers to make the switch and to update their addresses. This can be a fairly simple move; for example, Experian Marketing Services’ cross-channel marketing platform hosts a Change of Address (COA) form which can then be linked in a targeted email to Yahoo users in China.

The email should include detailed instructions on how to migrate to AliCloud if subscribers are interested. However, some clients may choose to switch their email addresses to other free email providers. Therefore, a general “change your address” call-to-action may be more effective.

As the cut-off date is August 19th, time is of the essence. We recommend sending this notification as soon as possible. To be sure the email is as effective as possible:

  1. Set up a reminder email and send it to subscribers who do not originally click on the COA link.
  2. Mobile-optimize the email content. This will encourage higher engagement.

To learn more about COA forms, visit our Cross-Channel Marketing Platform page.