Fun facts from the EMS Client Summit – understanding consumer behavior key to marketing program success

Some fun facts and ideas about mobile, tablet, and email marketing from the 2013 EMS Client Summit:

  • 93% of the US population has mobile phones and 64% have smartphones. 50% view email on mobile devices but only 15% of population purchase on mobile devices. Last year it was just 7% but it is increasing fast.
  • 17% of US population has a tablet, but what they’re doing on it is what’s really important. 43% are pulling the trigger and making a purchase, twice the percentage of those with mobile phones.
  • Internet Retailer notes that there will be 17% growth in tablet sales and tablet shipments will surpass laptop shipments by end of this year.
  • Most folks are on their tablets later at night, so marketers should consider sending communications out later in the day. Experian Marketing Services’ clients also seen a lot of success with reminder communications – 164% increase in transaction rates.
  • 11% of people are more likely to make a purchase if their network of friends have used or recommended the item.
  • 100% of our clients are messaging in email. 50% in mobile devices – but only 8% are truly cross-channel.
  • Internet Retailer says only 10% of companies are truly marketing across channels. 70-80% of data collected is unstructured so marketers are just using 5%. McKinsey says brands could increase operating margins by 60% by using data better.
  • Email is the hub of cross-channel marketing according to Forrester. One example: e-receipts. Last year only 10% of our customers offered them. Now 40% do.
  • Video/streaming content in email helps to get customers to your website.
  • Use behavioral data about how people are interacting with your emails. You may find a non-opener, or non-clicker, or someone who browsed on Nook. When you know what they did and who they are through consumer insights, you can retarget them with a message that takes that into consideration. You can figure out what is the next most interesting thing you can send to them from an offer standpoint.

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