Confirmed Opt-In a best practice for email marketers

With recent key changes in the international privacy landscape, and even more recent concerns over domestic data collection and use practices, it is becoming more important than ever for marketers to embrace a permission-based methodology. And it’s not only because most international jurisdictions set higher bar requirements for consent. Permission is a forward-facing, universally compliant, sustainable methodology for ensuring your marketing reaches only those correct recipients who you know want to hear from you. To borrow a concept from Seth Godin, compliance with increasingly stricter privacy laws should not be an outcome – it should be built into your marketing program by design.

One proven way for collecting unambiguous consent and verifying data accuracy is to adopt a Confirmed Opt-In (COI) strategy. In a COI process, customers who register for a mailing list receive an email asking them to confirm their email address and their desire to be on the list. Though this may seem tedious (and many marketers worry it will severely decrease their list’s numbers), it is one of the most robust ways to increase list quality (over quantity) and to begin building trust with customers from the top of the inbound marketing funnel.

Additionally, a recent e-book published by Experian Marketing Services reveals that a COI program is also likely to boost click rates in welcome and future emails by as much as 55%. This is not surprising when marketers are sending content only to legitimate email addresses of customers who are truly interested in the brand.

COI can also be effective for marketers looking to reconnect with non-engaged recipients or in need of testing older lists for signs of life. By asking inactive recipients to behaviorally confirm that their addresses are active and correct, marketers can sweep for spamtraps, trim dead wood, and rekindle interest in the brand in a privacy conscious manner. When integrated into a standard engagement cycle, international senders can also help ensure that their consent records remain contemporaneous, as is required by most permission-based regimes.

And with COI mailings having 3.3 times higher click rates than other reactivation mailings, any decrease in list volume will be more than offset by truly engaged recipients.

For further insights on confirmed opt-in performance, please download the full e-book..

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