Promoting Pinterest through email campaigns

Pinterest is one of the newest social media platforms that marketers are using to promote their brands and products. It’s a very visual and social tool, relying on users to share or “pin” their favorite images that link to external websites. It has been highly successful as a way for customers to share their love of a brand with their friends and other pinners, and has driven higher average order and purchase rates on company websites.

In the true spirit of cross-channel marketing, Experian Marketing Services’ 2013 Digital Marketer Report dives into ways you can promote your Pinterest page through traditional email campaigns. Mailings with the terms “Pinterest” or “Pin it” in the subject lines are generating 11% higher open rates and 25% higher unique click rates than the average mailing. Click and open rates in Pinterest emails are also higher than in emails that promote Facebook or Twitter pages.

So how can you successfully integrate Pinterest into your email campaigns? Take a look at the following best practices:

  • Use Pinterest in your subject lines. As stated before, this could boost your open and click rates by 11% and 25%, respectively.
  • Include a “Pin it” button. This will enable your customers to share images directly from your email.
  • Send an announcement email. Highlight your brand’s boards on Pinterest and invite customers to follow you.
  • Create a “Most Pinned” email. By sharing the images your customers pin most, you give them a sense of ownership over the products you are promoting in the email.
  • Consider nominating a “pinner of the month.” This could be an industry expert, celebrity, or even one of your customers who will be selected to curate your boards.
  • Include Pinterest in your recurring emails. Specifically, promote your Pinterest page in welcome series or transactional emails.
  • Use the site for sweepstakes. This will invite your customers to follow and promote your images, encouraging them to virally spread the word about your contest.