Embracing the cross-channel marketing imperative

Engaging customers seamlessly across channels is an absolute imperative for today’s marketer…but it isn’t easy to do. A recent Experian Marketing Services survey showed that just 44% of those asked had integrated their online and offline marketing programs. So 56% of the respondents’ customers could be receiving uncoordinated messages or offers at the wrong time and in the wrong channel. And as today’s hyper-connected, always-on consumer continues to demand personalization and relevance from their brands, companies that aren’t coordinating campaigns are losing out on advocacy and revenue.

Experian Marketing Services’ VP Marcus Tewksbury has been thinking about this marketing imperative and has a specific point of view on why now is the time for companies to embrace cross-channel integration. You can view his webinar on the topic and read a Q&A that I did with Marcus that was designed to get at key cross-channel marketing issues like:

  • The evolution of the brand-to-consumer relationship
  • How Big Data has affected the cross-channel marketing imperative
  • Ways to move up the Marketing Sophistication Curve
  • How cross-channel marketing platforms can impact campaigns
  • Why NOW is the time to amp up your cross-channel marketing efforts

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