Early Adopter Millennials make great social advocates

We wrapped up The Digital Marketer Webinar Series yesterday, as Heather Dougherty hosted Consumer insights for amping up your campaigns, the third and final installment. Dougherty covered cross-channel consumer behavior, including stats from this consumer insights infographic, and dove into targeting the Early Adopter Millennial segment, including how to connect with them via social media.

To understand more detail around the impact of social networks on Early Adopter Millennials, Dougherty looked at attitudes about social sharing and networking where they over-index compared to the general population. For example, this group is much more likely to talk about things they see on social networks in face-to-face conversations. Also, their level of interaction is higher. For example, they are more likely to read ratings and reviews – and also post reviews themselves. They like to follow brands and think social sharing/networking is a good way to tell people about brands they like. Additionally, they are more likely to purchase products they see advertised on social networks.

Dougherty explains that in order to connect with Early Adopter Millennials marketers should diversify their social strategy with networks that index high with this segment, such as Instagram, Tumblr and YouTube.

To learn more about the Early Adopter Millennial segment or the other consumer insights Dougherty covers, view the slides below or watch the Consumer insights for amping up your campaigns webcast.

[slideshare id=20878207&doc=dm13webinar-consumerinsights-external-050913-130509133139-phpapp01]

If you missed any of the webinars in The Digital Marketer Webinar Series they are all available to watch on demand. You can also download The 2013 Digital Marketer Report if you haven’t already.

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