Prioritize email quality over quantity

Marketing companies are looking to build out their email database so they can maximize their reach when launching email campaigns. In fact, this goal was listed as one of the top resolutions for 2013, according to a ClickZ survey of marketers. However, it is important to remember to ensure the quality of email addresses as they are collected.

In today’s marketplace, it might be hard to avoid the “bigger is better” mentality, but there is a growing awareness that quality is still king over quantity. There are two points marketers need to remember when considering quality over quantity.

Practice due diligence with email capture methods
Blasting customers with inaccurate emails won’t boost conversions. It will lead to a high number of bounce backs and hurt the domain reputation with ISPs. These incorrect emails can be the result of human error during data entry or inaccurate data in list purchases. Despite the appeal, quick-and-dirty tactics like purchasing or leasing lists have proven to be disappointing because they often contain outdated or incorrect email information that doesn’t generate a strong return on the investment.

Instead, organizations can employ data quality best practices to ensure that the information they use is clean, complete and up-to-date. This can ensure information is actually being received by the recipient, allowing messages reach the customer and helping in marketing conversion.

Make it easy for customers to provide their email
Email contact lists might seem sparse because marketing teams haven’t captured emails from all of their customers and prospects. According to ClickZ, it’s not uncommon that companies will only have email addresses for 30 percent of the names on their prospect lists. It might seem tricky to score that information, but marketers might find they can pad their contact databases simply by helping other customer-facing departments better capture information.

Be sure email entry fields are included above and below the fold, in dynamic layer displays or whichever format is most effective for the company’s customer base. Also be sure to prompt for email at the POS or in the call center. Ensure that every point of contact allows the customer to provide an email address. Email verification should also be part of these systems to make sure that when the customer does provide their email, it is entered accurately.

While everyone wants to expand their email database, it is important to do it with care and ensure accurate email addresses are being filtered into campaigns. It doesn’t matter if you have 10,000 emails in your database, if half of them are wrong your conversion rate will be very low. Make sure information is entered correctly when building out your email list and employ contact data management best practices.

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