A week in the life of today’s hyper-connected consumer

In any given week, a consumer moves seamlessly in and out of channels to research, find and buy products. In the infographic below we looked at three age groups – 18-34, 35-49 and 50 and older – to break down the number of activities and types of devices used to email, visit websites, engage in social networking and watch video.

The data shows that 42% of consumers ages 35-49 use three or more devices to visit websites; the most popular devices are home computers (80%), work computers (57%), mobile phones (31%) and tablets (16%). Across all age groups and activities mobile phones and tablets are seriously competing with traditional computers. Does it surprise you that of each of the three age groups, consumers ages 50 and older are the most likely to use tablets for social networking?

Marketers need to be sure consumers can get the full user experience no matter which device they use to engage with a brand. We can’t expect consumers to change platforms to suit our needs. It’s more likely that they will stick with the platform or device they’re using and just move on to a better experience.

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