Measuring across channels – hard but critical to marketing success

Yesterday Marcus Tewksbury hosted Cross-channel campaign management, the second Webinar from The Digital Marketer Webinar Series. As Marcus noted, 2013 is the year that marketers are prioritizing cross-channel marketing integration. Throughout the Webinar he breaks down the barriers to success and provides solutions to challenges marketers face as they move along the Marketing Sophistication CurveSM.

A major barrier Tewksbury highlights is campaign measurement. He encourages marketers to take a customer centric approach to measurement – understanding things like share of wallet and maximizing the equity that can be derived from each customer – rather than a campaign or channel-focused approach. From a planning perspective, the customer-centric approach starts with the customer, evaluates where they are in the sales cycle, identifies the content that will move them from one stage to the next and then determines the ideal channel in which to reach them. This is almost a complete reversal of the way campaigns have traditionally been built.

Customer > Sales stage > Content > Channel


View the slides below, or watch the Webinar recording for more in-depth information about this approach, as well as the types of metrics to focus on when measuring the performance of your marketing.


[slideshare id=18631317&doc=dm13webinar-cross-channel-external-041113-130411140357-phpapp01]


The third, and final, Webinar in the series takes place May 9th. Check out the description below and register to get in the conversation. There you can also download The 2013 Digital Marketer Report if you haven’t already.


Consumer insights
May 9th 1 pm EST
Hosted by: Heather Dougherty, Director of Research, Experian Marketing Services
Explore the consumer behaviors that will help you identify your target audience and fully understand your customers’ needs, wants and preferences.
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