Poor quality data can hurt cross-channel marketing efforts

Marketers realize that no matter the channel, organizations need to provide a consistent brand message, high level of service and customized offers. But executing on this strategy is easier said than done.

According to a recent Experian QAS® study, 36 percent of U.S. organizations interact with customers and prospects through five or more channels. This means customers are interacting with companies through more ways than ever before and organizations are collecting lots of data from multiple sources.

On average, as much as 17 percent of information in a database is believed to be wrong.

The collection of that information is not always accurate. According to the same study, 94 percent of businesses suspect their customer and prospect data might have inaccuracies. On average, as much as 17 percent of information in a database is believed to be wrong.

Cross-channel, or omnichannel, strategies are dependent on a high level of accurate data to generate analytics. The high level of inaccuracy described above could be why few businesses have been able to execute these strategies effectively. Information needs to be collected consistently and correctly to ensure a single customer view and accurate analysis.

The bottom line is that marketers need to prevent dirty data to operate in the cross-channel environment. But how can they do that?

  1. Clean existing data – Marketers need to start with a clean slate before they can execute targeted campaigns. Clean and standardize existing contact information to make certain campaigns actually reach customers, but also to ensure accurate analytics.
  2. Remove duplicates – Multiple records for a single customer divides purchase history and prevents stakeholders from understanding the value of each client. Utilize software tools to identify and merge duplicates to ensure each client has one record.
  3. Be part of the data quality conversation – Marketers can’t ensure a high level of data quality on their own; this is really an organization wide project. However, marketers have a vested interest in ensuring data is accurate. Be part of the data quality conversation and become educated on data management practices.

Take steps to improve your data management strategy to put yourself at a competitive advantage when operating across multiple channels.

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