Mother’s Day – Email trends and tips

Mother’s Day is Sunday, May 12th. Are you ready to launch successful marketing campaigns? Use these recently released email data and metrics from Experian Marketing Services to help plan your 2013 Mother’s Day email campaigns.

Key Mother’s Day trends

  • Mother’s Day mailings typically begin in early April, but forty-six percent (46%) of the email volume is sent within the week just before the holiday.
    mothers day email volume
  • Use a sense of urgency early: Mother’s Day mailings with urgency in the subject line (words such as ”last day,” “final hours,” ”today only”) have more than double the transaction rates of other Mother’s Day mailings for April and early May. During the high volume week just prior to the holiday, it appears the pressure to buy something for Mom is strong enough that urgency words in subject lines may not be needed, and add no boost in transaction rates.
  • Mother’s Day is a major holiday for brands that sell flowers, beauty products, home goods, cards and gift companies. These brands collectively out-perform all other Mother’s Day mailers, as they have only thirty-four percent (34%) of the volume, but received forty-nine percent (49%) of the transactions and forty percent (40%) of the total revenue.

What works for Mother’s Day mailings:

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