The Digital Marketer: Diving into cross-channel campaign management

The 2013 Digital Marketer Report is coming out in about a month and, as in previous years, we take a look at numerous emerging marketing trends. Cross-channel campaign management is one of the biggies this year, as brands strive to connect with their best customers across channels with the right message in real time. Here’s an excerpt on that topic from the report:

We’ve all watched as consumers have become the undisputed owners of their brand relationships. In fact, people have been empowered on that front for the better part of the last decade — and that’s never been as true as it is today. Two key trends have contributed to the shift from brands driving the relationship to consumer as king: The ubiquity of smartphones has enabled people to easily text, tweet, email, check-in, research and shop. Also, the consumer’s voice has become louder over the last several years through social media platforms and a resulting ability to make positive or negative comments about a brand at will.

On the marketing side, so many of the tools that we’ve used for years to connect with consumers are focused on a channel — whether that’s email, mobile, catalog or Web. The big challenge for marketers is that message delivery within channels almost always happens via disparate platforms and, as a result, outreach to consumers is uncoordinated. This disconnect is confusing for consumers and expensive and cumbersome for brands.

These dynamics have brought brands to a crossroads because, quite simply, consumers have gotten way ahead of the systems we use to communicate with them. The good news for marketers is that there’s an emerging solution to help solve for this problem: the cross-channel marketing platform.

In a nutshell, a cross-channel marketing platform:

  • Integrates consumer information that comes in from various channels into a single view
  • Gives marketers the ability to understand how consumers interact in different channels — and what their channels preferences are
  • Identifies how marketing efforts in various channels impact sales
  • Groups customers together to enable “triggered” marketing outreach
  • Interacts with customers across multiple channels in both a batched-based and real-time fashion
  • Manages all marketing campaigns across channels in one system

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