Cyber Monday more influential across channels this holiday season

So the holidays are behind us right? Well not quite! With the holiday season still fresh in our mind Experian Marketing Services put together a recap presentation of what was learned during this past online holiday shopping season. We saw new purchasing channels, like online and mobile, continue to become more popular among consumers. As such, retailers stepped up their multi-channel efforts this holiday season to accommodate consumers who prefer to buy items using a variety of methods.

Heather Dougherty, director of research, provided analysis and insights from Hitwise on the top performing retail sites and the most effective channels driving online traffic during the 2012 holidays.

Top trends from the 2012 holiday season include:

  • Despite weak overall sales growth during the holidays compared to last year, visits to the Websites across the majority of product categories increased. Cyber Monday retained its top ranking for traffic and visits grew 11% year-over-year. Black Friday and Thanksgiving followed with 7% and 6% growth.
  • This was the first holiday season where Cyber Monday was the top trafficked day for the Department Store category with a 16% increase in visits over last year, the category typically peaked on Thanksgiving as shoppers researched Black Friday deals in-stores.
  • Search engines remained the key driver of traffic along with organic cross-shopping across retail Websites. Both search and social delivered the highest share of traffic to retailers on Black Friday, while email and affiliates were key on Cyber Monday.
  • Uggs remained a perennial cold weather favorite during the holiday season, topping the list of hot products.
  • Tablets dominated this holiday season as the new Kindle Fire HD was one of the top searches. The Wii U game console was also among shoppers’ top searches.
  • Online shoppers over-indexed against the online population for higher incomes and credit worthiness although a high share of overall visits were from older, less affluent households.
  • Parents seeking convenience and value were another major group of retail visitors during the holidays.

The analysis also shows:

  • Which digital channels were effective and through the performance of search, email, affiliate partners and social networks
  • Which retail Websites were successful this holiday season and the changes in visit trends to retail Websites compared to past seasons
  • How consumer demand changed through new and recurring search trends and themes for holiday content and gifts
  • Who visited retail Websites this holiday season and what tactics can reach more buyers in the future

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