Second presidential debate spawns new Internet meme

The second presidential debate took place on Tuesday, Oct. 16th and both the Obama and Romney websites saw increases in total US visits the day after the second debate as Obama’s site saw a 41% increase and Romney’s site saw a 33% increase. Heading up to the debate the battle for swing state votes is critical and both candidates overall see a lot of their online traffic coming from those states. Of all Internet traffic from the swing states, Obama’s site receives 38% while Romney receives 34% of his online traffic from those states for the 4 weeks ending October 13, 2012.

The second debate also provided a new search term that was a popular query post debate that turned into latest Internet meme featuring graphics using the phrase, Amazon reviews of binders, dedicated websites and Tumblr pages.  The search term “binders full of women” ranked as the 21st most popular search term in the US on Oct. 17th. The term was the #3 non-branded term as you can see in the table below behind “kate gosselin fired” and “pink loses 55 pounds. The term was the 2nd most popular non-branded search term driving traffic to Facebook.com on Oct. 17th and 32nd overall. The term was the 20th most popular search term overall driving traffic to Twitter.com on Oct. 17th.

Of all the searches performed on ‘binders full of women’, 52% were on Yahoo Search that day. The top sites to receive traffic from the search term that day include Yahoo.com, NBC Politics, Yahoo News, CNN Political Ticker and Facebook to round out the top 5. The Tumblr page devoted to the search term was ranked as the 20th most popular downstream site on Oct. 17th

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