Three programs you can use now to boost holiday sales

As marketers embrace the upcoming holiday season, they must align themselves with the tools and insights to help identify their most valuable customers and target them with highly personalized and dynamic messaging. Recently, Experian Marketing Services’ developed The 2012 holiday marketing checklist to help marketers unwrap these key trends and insights and drive strong results. Below we have outlined three programs taken from our report that marketers can leverage this holiday season.

Text-to-join program   

Marketers can organically grow their mobile base by initiating a text-to-join program to allow mobile users to opt in to receive promotional text messages.

  • Choose a specialized keyword or style
  • Create a campaign to engage subscribers
  • Build a call to action like an in-unit display or window signage to promote the Short Message Service (SMS) program

Loyalty program

Businesses can set up a loyalty program where customers gain reward points to help increase engagement and retention rates with customers. Although there can be many barriers to entry, setting up a loyalty program is the best way to create a link between the customer and transactional data. It enables marketers to gain visibility into who their best customers are and market directly to them.

Retail address capture

Marketers can capture transactional data after a purchase is made in a store to get a direct profile of who customers are, from economic status to key demographics. By understanding who is shopping in your store, you can better target them with personalized and dynamic content in other channels.

To learn more about our holiday insights, join our webinar on October 25th. Our resident data experts Bill Tancer and Regina Gray will review holiday trends and offer insights you can use to update your email, search and social campaigns based on real-time data.

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