Google share of searches at 65% in August 2012

Experian Hitwise data shows Bing-powered share of searches up 1% in July 2012; 1-word searches increased 21% versus 2011

Google accounted for 65.28% of all U.S. searches conducted in the four weeks ending September 1, 2012. The combined Bing-powered search comprised 26.96% of searches for the month, with Yahoo! Search and Bing receiving 13.97% and 12.99%, respectively. The remaining 65 search engines [1] in the Hitwise Search Engine Analysis report accounted for 7.76% of U.S. searches.

Google share of searches at 65% in August 2012

One word search queries increase 15 percent in August 2012

One word search queries increased 15% in August 2012 compared to August 2011. In August 2012, one-word searches comprised the majority of searches, too, amounting to 30.21% of all queries. Three and four-word searches saw 1% month-over-month increases. Longer search queries — those averaging five to eight words or more — decreased 11% from August 2012 compared to August 2011.

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[1]This does not include Google, Yahoo! Search and Bing.

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