Multi-channel marketing survey – share and learn

For the second year in a row, Experian Marketing Services is surveying marketers across industries to see where their companies fall in terms of multi-channel marketing adoption and sophistication. As context, when we ran our inaugural survey last year, we learned that 46% of respondents cited “Multi-channel Coordination” as their top marketing challenge, followed by “Integrated Campaign Management” at 38%.

We also learned that 61% of respondents planned to increase their focus on email marketing in 2012 (top choice), while 53% intended to increase social advertising (second choice). It will be interesting to see how marketers feel about their 2013 marketing programs, though I’m guessing that multi-channel will remain a top challenge.

Please take our survey on your company’s focus from a marketing perspective, including topics like online and offline customer experience, marketing department integration and more. It will only take a couple of minutes to weigh in and we’ll send you the results so that you can see where you benchmark against other organizations.