Experian CheetahMail releases Q2 2012 Benchmark Study

In a recent article by DMNews, Regina Gray,Experian CheetahMail’s VP of strategic services, gave some insight into Experian CheetahMail’s Q2 2012 Benchmark Study, which was released earlier this week.

The Benchmark study’s findings on email volume give great insight into the extent to which the marketers are using the email channel. This quarter’s study shows that marketers are increasing usage of email to promote their brand, products and services – a trend that has been consistent for the past several years.

The study also highlights the email and social media connection where marketers are seeing email as a smart way to build a social media fan base, and fans are now being seen as a vibrant segment for targeted email campaigns and offers.

Other highlights from Experian CheetahMail’s Benchmark Study include:

  • Email volume rose 10% in Q2 2012 compared to Q2 2011
  • 70% more brands are now sending ‘Like us’, ‘Follow us’ or ‘Pin us’ email campaigns ‘Pin us’ mailings are generating unique click rates that are almost 25% higher than other mailings
  • Coupons had over 50% higher click rates and double the revenue per email than campaigns without offers

Download Experian CheetahMail’s full Q2 2012 Benchmark Study