3 key insights to building and enhancing your mobile marketing strategy

For several years now marketers have told us “20XX is the year of mobile” or “this is the year mobile will take off.” Though no one has pinpointed the exact moment that mobile marketing did take off, it is clear customers are now interacting and responding to mobile more than ever. It’s not uncommon to hear brands boasting that over 30% of their online traffic comes from mobile devices, or that SMS is driving millions of dollars in incremental revenue for online and in-store.

Every brand has an opportunity to drive revenue and engagement through mobile marketing, but what sets some programs far above the rest? Here are 3 key considerations to keep in mind when planning and executing a successful mobile strategy.

Find the value in mobile for your specific customer base

  • Many brands assume the “if you build it they will come” mentality in mobile. Simply having a mobile website, SMS program or app does not mean your customer will find it valuable. Don’t lose sight of the customer’s goal when defining your mobile strategy.
  • Consider the fact that mobile itself is not a channel. SMS, apps, the mobile web, even QR codes are the channels. Each presents unique advantages so take time to find the appropriate use for the technologies you are leveraging.
  • Identify the ways mobile can help your customers. Are they looking to find your store on the go? Are they trying to find information about a product? Are they looking for an easier way to receive/redeem offers? Find out how you can use mobile to help, and then chose the appropriate channel(s) that provide the right solution.

Ensure you are tracking customer’s mobile behavior regardless of channel

  • Don’t silo your SMS subscribers. Associate mobile numbers with other unique identifiers to gather a larger profile on each user. Take every measure available to collect CRM and preference data about your mobile subscribers, but don’t sacrifice ease of use for data.
  • Keep close watch on SMS opt-ins and opt-outs on a daily basis, especially during and shortly after outbound messaging. This will help provide insight into the message types and offers that cause higher opt-out rates.
    Though tracking mobile engagement presents new challenges, there are ways to get insight into click metrics and user behavior. Using a link shortening service that provides click analytics on shortened links can be a great way to determine click through rates per deployment.
  • Leverage campaign specific coupon codes, or better yet, barcoded coupons to track engagement and mobile transactions back to individual users or campaigns.
  • Track mobile web analytics to understand things like unique visitors, device models and carrier, user’s location, and transactions. Understand how users are reaching the site. Is it mobile search, display ads, SMS messaging or other methods?
  • Monitor your app downloads, but more importantly the usage. Are users continuing to use the application, or did they download it, put it in a folder and forget about it? Consider the reasons users have to return. What do they get out of using your app?

Refine and evolve your efforts

  • To reiterate, it’s not enough to just have mobile programs in place. It’s critical to monitor customer’s behavior and responsiveness in each channel.
  • If your SMS database is growing slowly, take time to figure out why. Is the program being advertised adequately? Are signup forms hard to find? Is there an incentive for joining and are customers finding value in the messaging?
  • Your mobile website and apps require iterations. Metrics and analytics should be reviewed often to determine what’s working and what isn’t. Be sure to note what works for your app may not work for your mobile site and vice versa. Mobile users often utilize these for different functions.
  • It’s important to understand that as mobile technology, strategy, and adoption progresses, so does the device’s influence over decisions, buying habits and brand reputation. This means that all of your mobile initiatives need to be fluid, strategic, and valuable.

For more information on getting started with mobile, visit Experian CheetahMail and download our Go Mobile guide.