Unlocking the “social silo”: leveraging social insights across channels

As with many newer channels, social media teams often exist in their own silo of the marketing group. Theirs is a specialized skill set that enables them to excel at listening to social dialogues, managing positive and negative sentiment, creating engaging social campaigns and making smart ad buys. So how do you effectively leverage that insight and make it actionable for other marketing efforts while maintaining a seamless customer experience with the brand?

First, it is imperative to determine what lies in the “social silo” that will impact other channels. For example, data-driven profiles, plus segmentation and models of highly engaged high value Facebook fans, can be used in all channels. We know that all fans are not high value, but high value customers are often fans — and socially active. So it’s important to be able to leverage social intelligence in customer marketing strategy and plans, thereby making the intelligence actionable for improved program results.

So what’s the best way to do this?

Let’s look at a Facebook roadmap for social intelligence:

Leverage Open Graph in Facebook with offers to encourage fans and customers to connect, not just to increase the number of fans, but to gather opt-in data. Make a compelling offer in customer emails, on your website or on your Facebook page. (Make sure the privacy policy and the permissions you display cover as much data as possible.)

Once you collect this valuable information don’t just file it somewhere. Treat it as a valuable feed of customer information. Using email or other collected data, link the Facebook information to your customer, compiled demographics, attitudinal, and behavioral data.

  • Flag this insight within your customer database so that you have a more complete view of your customers.
  • Understand which social connectors are prospects, leads or existing customers.

Create profiles and add to models and segmentation frameworks.

This roadmap allows you to use social intelligence anywhere in your marketing programs across all channels for activities like:

  • Developing marketing tactics for prospects, leads and customers.
  • Targeting high-value social customers with tailored offers and messaging.
  • Creating campaigns in the social space targeted to higher value fans.
  • Adjusting campaign messaging in all channels.

Since social activity is very dynamic, you’ll want to manage the Open Graph opportunity on an ongoing basis, rotating offers and placement. And remember you can offer a discount, for example, but a sweepstakes or other offer aligned with your brand can also be extremely effective. The data you gather gives you a dynamic portrait of your most engaged customers. You can use it for more refined and effective marketing investments. You might also want to leverage a marketing services partner with linkage, quality data and analytic expertise to get started.

The payoff…

For the social team:

  • A clear, data-driven picture of your brand’s most engaged fans, leading to smarter social display ads and campaigns.
  • A way to communicate clearly to marketing colleagues about the social customer ¾ beyond likes, posts and sentiments.

For the CMO:

  • An understanding of the types of customers invested in social media helps calibrate marketing spend.
  • A sound way to evaluate social media investment.
  • A more complete picture of customer behavior.

For other marketing teams:

  • A valuable customer attribute that can be used to help refine segmentation and targeting strategies.
  • Clear understanding of how to target customer segments and which channels are likely to be most effective.

Knocking down the “social silo” is necessary to gather compelling data that’s useful in every marketing channel AND to be able to improve the customer experience. Building social intelligence is a key activity to keep in step with today’s dynamic customer, and to make sure your marketing is relevant and timely.