Marketers, meet Dana – she’s your best customer

Last week, to kick off Experian CheetahMail’s 2012 Digital Summit in Las Vegas, the world’s most sophisticated marketers were introduced to Dana and then invited to get to know her better….. a lot better. After all, she’s their best customer.

Dana knows what she likes, but warned marketers that they’d have to work very hard to earn her brand loyalty.

View the Dana video here.

Dana is Experian Marketing Services’ representation of today’s empowered consumers. She expects and demands that her favorite brands deliver a seamless experience that is coordinated throughout her busy day.

Matt Seeley, President of Experian Marketing Services, advised the audience to keep Dana, and others like her, at the center of everything they do. He stated that marketers must “adopt a focus on having all marketing channels work together – across email, mobile, direct and social….. Dana’s not just a data-point, she’s an individual who wants to be treated special by having us respect her preferences and her interests.”

We’re sure to be seeing a lot more of Dana in the future.

Stay tuned!