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Identifying who your true customers are and understanding where growth opportunities exist are common questions businesses strive to answer. Axcess Financial, a respected leader in the sub-prime, underbanked and unbanked credit industry, needed help identifying the online behavior and attributes of consumers who were in-market for their products and determining how to outperform their competitors online.

Axcess Financial Case StudyBy leveraging Experian Marketing Services’ targeting solutions such as Experian Hitwise and Audience IQ, Axcess Financial was able to overcome the following challenges:

  • Understand which channels and keywords are most effective in driving low cost, qualified traffic to their website
  • Identify the segments of consumers with the highest on-site conversion rates
  • Understand how their key competitors drive converting traffic
  • Find a solution that would ensure display ads were only shown to their target audience segments in precise geographies
  • More profitably acquire new customers

Axcess Financial was able to develop a winning online marketing program with outstanding results. in fact, they grew their business by 450% over two years and successfully lower their cost per acquisition (CPA) by 71%.

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