Tips for the 2012 holiday shopping season

Retailers are gearing up for the promotion heavy, holiday season. And while each retailer will have unique strategies to gain a competitive edge, there are a few essential practices that should be known and leveraged by all.

Before identifying promotional offers, considering store layout, or producing any marketing materials, take a step back. Holiday success is about excelling at the basics. Ensure a positive brand experience, process orders quickly and effectively, encourage more out of each and every client, and do it all without unnecessary costs.

Contact data verification is a basic concept that helps achieve the goals mentioned above. It is considered basic as all retailers understand the importance of customer data accuracy. However, despite this recognition, many retailers omit basic validation in an effort to focus on aesthetic enhancements.

So, get back to the basics. Retailers show success during the busy holiday season by improving functionality and speed, not by changing style. Retailers see quantifiable increases by installing contact validation functionality, including real-time address and email validation and back-end list appends.


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