The holiday shopping season is coming – how will you engage your customers?

Last year we asked marketers how they planned to use various digital channels for the 2011 holiday season and throughout 2012. We released our findings in our marketing research report. Here are some key findings:

  • 67% planned to leverage social media more during the 2011 holiday season than the year before
  • Multi-channel coordination was a big challenge for 46% of marketers
  • 85% were at least taking about, if not already using, mobile marketing for the 2011 holiday season

The positive feedback prompted us to take a closer look specifically at holiday marketing strategies, and we’d like to hear what you’re planning. In this year’s survey we’d like to learn how successful those social media campaigns were last season, and how investment will change for 2012. We’re also asking about plans to invest in newer tactics like Pinterest boards and real time triggered messaging.

The findings of this research will provide a benchmark to see what other marketers are doing and how their plans compare to your own. So please take this nine question survey – the more participants, the more meaningful a benchmark we’ll be able to share with you in the upcoming months.