Temptation Towns: Where do Apple’s Most Loyal Customers Live?

Unless you’re strictly a PC (and even if you are), you probably know that it’s Apple iPad HD day! So which corners of the country will be glued to the tech blogs all day to get up-to-the-second news on Apple’s latest gadget? To ponder a guess, Experian Simmons analyzed ownership of core Apple products in over 100 U.S. Designated Market Areas (DMAs) with adult populations over 500,000. Specifically, the analysis included the percent of local adults who own at least one of the following: iPhone, Mac computer or iPod. While national ownership of iPad tablets is currently available from Experian Simmons, local market estimates will not be released until May. That being said, evidence suggests that an analysis of local ownership of Apple’s other core products should provide us with a solid estimate of where Americans will be waiting with baited breath for iPad HD updates. In fact, according to our latest national estimates, 82% of iPad owners own at least one of the other three measured Apple products. The fifteen markets whose adult residents are most likely to own an iPhone, Mac computer or iPod are listed below.












Source: Experian Simmons

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