Enhancing Email Marketing with Display Advertising

Nowadays most consumers have more than one email address – one for personal email and another for promotions, coupons, and newsletters. If your emails land in the latter address, which receives at most a cursory glance from the consumer, how are you going to reach your campaign goal?

Display Advertising! Solutions such as Experian’s Audience IQSM recognize the changing behavior of digitally-savvy consumers, and supplements email marketing campaigns with data-driven display ads. What this means is that you have more than one opportunity to engage your consumers in making a lasting impression.

For example, you can create different use cases based on what actions the consumer takes regarding the email.

  • If the email is opened but the consumer didn’t click through, a similarly-themed display ad with a more aggressive offer can be shown.
  • If the email is not opened, then a display ad featuring a different product and offer can be shown.

Data- driven advertising allows marketers to coordinate messages to the same consumer segment so that a particular ad campaign shows up in their inbox, and also on the websites they are visiting. This kind of synergy can drive website traffic by up to 4x if executed correctly.