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Valentine’s Day is almost upon us – and what better time to communicate with those customers you so adore. Actively promoting SMS initiatives through traditional media touch points, and incentivizing users to join can drastically increase the potential for subscriber acquisition. The SMS programs that tend to gather the most love through opt-ins are those that:

  • Offer a seamless sign up process
  • Reward customers for subscribing
  • Continue to provide relevant, valuable messaging throughout the life of the campaign

Below are a few proven acquisition tactics that can be used to gain loveable, valuable opt-ins.

Email Campaigns – incorporate your SMS program into your email campaign and identify subscribers who are ready to communicate with your brand through multiple channels. It is a recommended best practice to create a dedicated mobile email to engage subscribers to sign up for your SMS program.

Mobile Websites – Incorporate links to SMS signup forms at the bottom of every page of your mobile website to capture users already interacting with your brand on a mobile device.

Print Media – leverage print and other offline channels to acquire subscribers by including SMS calls-to-action in direct mail, catalogs, statements etc. Or, Leverage QR codes in addition to SMS calls-to-action to drive users to mobile sites and mobile/email collection forms

In-Store Signage – display your SMS call-to-action containing a keyword and short code on in-store signage to collect mobile opt-ins at store locations. Signage is most effective when it is near point of sale, or other places in the store where customers can easily take the time to text in from their handsets.

Website – Leverage your website traffic to build awareness of your mobile program. A page dedicated to mobile specifically, tends to build awareness and increase acquisition faster than small call outs and banners.

Social Media – Include keyword and short code call-to-actions within your Facebook and Twitter posts to gain opt-ins from followers and friends. Also, include sharing capabilities to allow users to like and re-tweet SMS promotions.

Store staff – Don’t downplay the effectiveness of your in-store staff – they can be a valuable differentiator for subscriber acquisition. Though SMS is widely adopted, some users may still require assistance to opt-in to programs, or to understand all of the program’s benefits.

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