Embracing Marketing Innovation in 2012

Each year, new technologies emerge, the media landscape evolves and consumers expect more from the products they buy and the media they consume. So marketers must innovate continuously by actively exploring, experimenting, evaluating and optimizing. My colleagues and I recently created the Experian Marketing Innovation Report 2012 to help address some of the key issues marketers will face this year. We hope you will download the report, and in the meantime, here are a few quick tips to get you thinking.

Ten Tips for Cross-Channel Optimized Marketing:

  1. Build a comprehensive, unified view of prospects and customers
  2. Link behaviors and attributes across all channels and data sources
  3. Identify and address specific customer segments
  4. Personalize messages and interactions
  5. Engage in a consistent voice across traditional, digital, social and mobile channels
  6. Respect preferences through registrations and opt-ins
  7. Secure personal, sensitive and confidential data
  8. Center the marketing process around customers-not around channels or campaigns
  9. Strengthen relationships by optimizing the experience to customer life stage
  10. Correctly attribute sales to marketing investments