Email marketers started the Cyber Monday celebration early

Cyber Monday is here!  Are you tired of hearing about it yet?  Well here is a new fun fact that indicates just how big of a deal this last Monday of the month truly is.

Eighty-two percent more emails had Cyber Monday in the subject line this past Friday, November 18, to Saturday, November 26 as compared to the same dates last year, according to an Experian CheetahMail analysis.

These subject lines didn’t just tout the day, they shouted out special deals and offers that were tough to refuse. Some of the subject lines that caught my eye included:

  • Up to $50 off – it’s officially Cyber Monday!
  • It’s Cyber Monday!  Don’t Miss Out! + Free Shipping Every Day
  • 50% off Exclusive Cyber Monday Event Starts Now
  • Bonus Event! 80% Off Cyber Fix Deal Starts Now

Keep the cyber celebration going everyone – happy mailing (and shopping)!

Experian CheetahMail tracks the holiday mailing activity of 385 brands that also mailed in the 2010 holiday season. All metrics are based on results 3 days from send.